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The 35th Reunion
October 14th, 2005

Clara Barton Community Center

Photos by Melanie Dodd



Joanne Martin and Eileen Berlin

John Beck, Karen MacGregor, Kent Goulding, Ed Kirkpatrick, Jim Namrow, Wendy Frosh


Judy Mann, Barbara Risk, Steve Johnson, Maureen Farrell, Anne Cary, Suzanne Sutton.

Barry Kemelhor and Paul Ahern keeping the gate....

Leslie Sjoerdsma, Joe Dolan, Joanne Martin, Eileen Berlin, Anne Cary.

Joanne Martin, Pamela Smith, Francine Todd, Alan Trevithick, Leslie Sjoerdsma, Bob Brady's beer

MJ (Jean) Cochran, Wendy Frosh, Leslie Loewenthal, Rebecca Beall, Anne Cary, Alan Trevithick, Francine Todd.

Kent Goulding, Dana Simmons, Al Thomas, Bob Brady's backside....


Emily Clayman, Bill Babcock, Salli London.

Charlie Cell, Charles Miller


Jim Grey and Judy Mann

Chris Bliss (Dickey)

Mr. Craig Weincek - Public Speaking and English

Chuck Brightman and Mindy Callmer

Sue Hendry (what's with that finger thing there?) and Rick Neumann

Andi Billard, John Swanson, Suzanne Brisendine

Brett Davis, Emily Clayman and Doris Talbot

Doris Talbot and Judy Whinery

Doris Talbot, Suzanne Brisendine and Judy Whinery

John Swanson and Suzanne Brisendine

Leslie Sjoerdsma, Bob Burk and Judy Whinery

Ann Hellekjaer and Kim Pierpoint

Lisa, Kim Pierpoint, Lucy, and Liz Hotchkiss

The Wood Acres Gang

More to follow.....



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