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About this page:
Our class of 1970 came of age during a time in our nation’s history full of discovery, tribulation and wonderful new ideas. We were lucky as a group to have such a wealth of great teachers and resources at Whitman to help us grow and learn during those trying days. Today, I think, we have become a group that has a widely diverse set of beliefs and values drawn from those days in our youth. The classmates’ websites you see links to here will naturally reflect that wide diversity.

America's Bill of Rights gives each of us the freedom to speak without fear of recrimination. With that freedom, comes the duty to tolerate other voices even though we may not agree with them. With that in mind, if you don’t care for a particular point of view expressed by a website linked here, just use your back button and try another. In no way does the webmaster endorse any particular website nor support or dispute opinions expressed on those sites.


Chris Bliss
Claudia Cohen
Joe Dolan
Bill Euler
Elyse Camozzo ( Elly Finger )
Ed Kirkpatrick
Carolyn Macintosh ~ Maryland Horse Trials

Frrank Sanders ~
Devil's Tower Lodge and
Devil's Tower Climbing

Suzanne Sutton ~ Newton's Window
Cyndi Wallace
Gil Winslow


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